22. La Mattanza

Dated May 21, 2018; last modified on Thu, 02 Sep 2021

La Mattanza: An ancient Silician ritual in which fisherman waded into the Mediterranean Sea up to their waist with clubs and spears and then stood still for hours on end until the [bluefin tuna] no longer noticed their presence. Eventually, when enough [tuna] had gathered around them, someone gave and imperceptible signal and in a split second the scene went from preternatural quiet to gory bloodbath as the fishermen struck viciously at their unsuspecting quarry.

Couldn’t find a corroboration for Carreyrou’s version of La Mattanza. Other accounts mention a system of nets used to guide the bluefin tuna to their point of slaughter. Critics of the practice claim it’s inhumane. Defendents say it’s part of Sicilian culture, and sustainable [as opposed to commercial fishing of bluefin tuna].

The FDA had approved Theranos’s finger-stick tests for HSV-1. But to be fair, the herpes test is a qualtitative (yes/no) test. Most tests are quantitative. Arizona was about to pass a law (lobbied for by yours truly) to allow citizens to get blood tested without a doctor’s order.

Elizabeth had also gotten cozy with the Obama administration. Elizabeth and Sunny showed Biden a new created (fake) lab. Biden described it as the laboratory of the future.

Instead of showing an error message, the miniLab’s screen now showed the test’s progress slowing to a crawl.

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