Health Ethics

Dated May 2, 2020; last modified on Wed, 08 Sep 2021

Harden, a liberal behavior geneticist, is publishing a book, “The Genetic Lottery: Why DNA Matters for Social Equality”. Watch this space as it casts doubt on prevailing social justice thesis that environmental factors, and not genetics, influence behavior or social outcomes.

Check back in Sept 2022 (one year from now).

Faster Human Trials

In 1986, AZT (AIDS treatment) showed 1/145 deaths compared to the placebo’s 16/137. 6,000 AIDS patients were offered AZT, helping it get to the public much faster.

Different rules apply in a pandemic. If the treatment is sufficiently promising, we should skip to human clinical trials. Covid-19 has a lower fatality rate than AIDS, which set a precedent. 3,000 altruists have even offered to deliberately expose themselves to covid-19!

COVID-19 vaccines started to be distributed in December 2020. So about one year out. By vaccine standards, that was pretty fast.


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