Thor: God of Thunder

Dated May 24, 2022; last modified on Sat, 29 Jul 2023

Inspired to read this comic by the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder film.


[Gorr] As I stand here now, witnessing with my own eyes the first awkward fumblings of life in the void, I see no weeping god. No tears except those shed by the misshapen creatures around me, minutes old and already begging for death. I see no grand plan at work. No benevolent omnipotence at display. I see only an inbred offspring of the elder gods, treating primordial life as his fleshy plaything. But despite the best efforts of the gods, I know that life will still find a way. Worlds will be blasted into being and creatures will slither from the ooze to evolve and thrive. And ultimately learn to fear and worship the bumbling deities they assume to be their makers. #antitheism

[Gorr] The gods don’t hear your prayers because there are no gods. There never were. No gods in the sky. No gods who made us. No gods watching over us. No gods who give a damn. #antitheism

[Gorr] Help you?! Where were you?! Where were you when my children were starving?! When my wife was screaming for your help?! When my mother was being butchered like an animal! Where were you when we needed our gods?! #antitheism

[Volstagg] No.. Not even the All-Father can save me now. But even if you kill me and every other god in creation, even the mighty Thor. In the end, there will still be one god left, won’t there, Gorr? You. Look at yourself. Look at what that weapon has done to you. You’ve been alive for thousands of years, murdering as you please. You’ve razed worlds and built your own. You’ve put gods in chains. What are you, if not a god yourself? The most foul and despicable god I’ve ever known. #dualism

[Gorr via his imagined son] It will be a better world without gods. No more fear of eternal damnation or lust for eternal reward. No more hatred between believers of rival faiths. Without the lie of eternity to serve as our crutch, we will have no choice but to finally cherish what precious little time we have. And to put our faith in only ourselves and one another. #antitheism

[Shadrak] You don’t understand. There’s no time. The bomb runs on time. It runs through time. It will kill us all no matter when we are.


The gods mined broken moons in silence. Voices that once spoke whilst galaxies obeyed, now reduced to frightened whimpers and feeble weeping. Kings of heaven and hell who sat atop opulent thrones now squatted in muck and their own filth.

Somewhere in the cosmos, starwhales beached themselves on an asteroid and died, hundreds of them, for seemingly no reason at all. A dog was born with the face of a child, screaming in terror. It did not live long. A saintly woman died and found no one waiting for her on the other side, no white light to guide her, nothing. The sacred waters of the Well of Mimir turned red and bitter. The world tree bled at the roots. In Asgard, the statues of the kings began weeping. And on a backwoods world, an alien boy looked up at the morning sky and saw the sun turn black. On the world of Gorr, thunder is heard. And then it began to rain. It rained blood. Godblood. Then it rained hammers. And Thors. And despair.


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