Daredevil: Born Again (1986)

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[Matt] Dust… The dust is thick. Could choke on it… There’s nothing left. So you know. So that’s why. I never would have connected it to you. Nothing about it said gangster – until this. It was a nice piece of work, Kingpin. You shouldn’t have signed it.

The world seems flooded with sunlight. Daily business becomes a joyous, childlike game. He has disgraced, destroyed and murdered the only good man he has ever known. This is his triumph of the spirit.

It isn’t robbing a blind man – the second I’ve robbed, thinks Karen Page – Matt – I robbed Matt too – sold his secret identity for a fix – And now I need another fix and I need to get to New York and I need Matt to save me from men who are trying to kill me – I need money – The second blind man I’ve robbed – But this one catches me –

[Kingpin] There is no corpse. What is it about Murdock? He was a minor concern – a promising talent to be observed and catalogued and even occasionally flattered – and perhaps, one day, to be turned to the Kingpin’s way – But he is more than this, now he is much more than this. He always was. And I – I have shown him… That a man without hope… Is a man without fear.

Matt – They almost got married once before she went for the movies – Before she left him to become a star – And the movies got worse and worse and piece by piece Karen Page sold her soul – The last piece she sold for a shot of heroin – A lousy fix for the lousy junkie she’d become – The last piece of her – Matt – She sold Matt out – Told a pusher that Matt is Daredevil – And that pusher sold that to Matt’s enemies – And they took Matt’s home and career and everything – No – Not everything“Nothing," he’d said, Matt did, when she told him what she’d done – “I’ve lost nothing," Matt said, and laughed like a boy – And Karen didn’t understand – And Matt kissed her – And held her… And knows exactly what to say and when to make her eat and how to touch the muscles in her back to make her sleep… That’s his senses. His crazy senses. He was a boy. It was before she met him. He was blinded by radiation or something and his remaining senses became superhuman. She never told them about the senses. And she never told them – about the man.

[Kingpin] And now a single man threatens to destroy what we have built. He moves against me – calls me a villain. I am not a villain, my son. I am a corporation – in the conglomerate that is America.

Then, from everywhere, the charges come… From citizen groups and Senate sub-committees – fired by testimony from disgruntled ex-employees, bag men and numbers runners bartering away prison sentences – Speaking more swiftly than the Kingpin can have them killed… And the faces of his lieutenants grow sullen and hostile. His commands are obeyed, but far too slowly.


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